Friday, August 23, 2013

The Text that Changed Everything

Okay so the title is a little dramatic but it kind of sums out how I feel.

On Monday, July 8, 2013 when I came home from work Eric said "I have some excititng news, hold on one second and I'll show you." He got his phone and showed me a text that said "Hey Eric this is Aubrey. We are moving out of our basement apartment. You have first dibs if you want it." This was not the text that changed everything. We had offers like this before and they were never something that we seriously considered. Our conversation went something like this:

Eric: What do you think? Are you interested?
Me: It wouldn't hurt to find out more. We have to move out in December any way.
Eric: Okay I'll see if she can give us some details.

Eric then texted Aubrey back telling her we were interested and asking for details.

Okay so now you need some background information. We live at student housing and we knew we were getting a great deal ($672 for rent, utilities, cable, and internet for a one bedroom apartment). We knew that anywhere else we went would be at least $700 just to rent something similar and that utilities, cable, and internet would not be included. We knew that we wouldn't find anything better went it came time to move out. We knew that when it came time to move out we would be spend at least $200 more a month ... or at least we thought we knew.

Aubrey's next text blew us away. She told us "It's a two bedroom basement apartment, with and office. Plenty of storage. Rent is $500 a month and includes cable and internet. Oh and the landlord is super nice too." This was the text that changed everything. We were now seriously considering it and we hadn't even seen it. $500! That is less than we pay now for more space. Eric even texted back "Wow seems to good to be true. Can we come look at it?"

Aubrey gave us the landlords number and we set up a time to go and see the apartment on Wednesday. When we got there I was a little nervous. I was about to walk into someone's house that I didn't even know, and if everything worked out I would be living in that person's house. The landlord, Sara, was super nice and show us around. Its small but still so much bigger than what we are use to. There is an actual kitchen, and an actuall living room. It has its own entrance/office area. The bathroom is smaller, but that is okay. It has two storage spaces (I don't really know how to describe them. They are bigger than a closer but smaller than a room.) After we looked around we went upstairs to talk to Sara about some of the details. I was still waitng for the catch. I was expecting to hear the she wanted us to do yard work, or house cleaning, or something like that because the price was so low. All she wants us to do is keep the drain by our entrance clean and to help shovel in the winter.

 It wasn't to good to be true. We told Sara that we would let her know within a week if we wanted it (even though I pretty sure that we both knew before we left that we did).

When we left we started thinking of all the benefits of moving there. We would save $172 on rent each month, $20 on laundry each month, and $10 on cable each month (even though cable was included the HD channels were $10 extra). We could possibly save on car insurance. Eric would be closer to his work. We would be closer to Eric's family. Even though we would be farther away from my family it would still take the same amount of time to get there because we would be closer to the freeway.

Then we started thinking about the cons. I would be farther from my work, but only 5 minutes farther. Eric would be farther from school. We would be moving away from our ward and friends that we loved so much but we knew that it was coming and we would have to leave soon.

By the time we got home we knew we wanted to move there, but we also knew that we should pray about it.

On July 15 we told Sara that we wanted to move in, and on August 31, we will be moving in to our new apartment.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Little Apartment

In July of 2011 Eric and I found out that an apartment was available for us at the University of Utah student housing. We were very excited. It was cheep and close the U. In August we made our first payment, got our keys and walked inside. I almost cried. The walls were cinder block, the carpet was pink, it was small, it smelled, there was no counter space in the kitchen, and I didn't even know an oven could be that small. It didn't feel or look like a home. I wasn't expecting to move into something super nice or extravagant, but I definitely wasn't expecting this either.

Eric and I walked out and immediately started talking about how after we were married we would start looking for a new place. Until then we would make the best of it. Eric scattered Dryer sheets around the apartment, and we brought in air fresheners to make it smell better. Luckily the smell was easy to get rid off. As we started moving in furniture it started to feel bigger. As we started to hang up pictures we noticed the cinder block less. Slowly it started to look and feel more like a home.

Well school started and life became busy (or never slowed down I'm not sure which) and we never started to look for a new place. Around year later (I think) I brought up how we wanted to find a new place. The weird thing was neither one of us wanted to move anymore. Our little apartment felt like home, but I think it was more than that. Our neighbors were amazing, and so was our ward. We started to realize that when the time did come for move it would be a lot harder than we originally thought, and I was right. We have now been in our apartment for almost two years and are so sad to say that we are moving.

It's not the we have grown fond of the pink carpet, the lack of storage, the lack of counter space, the small oven, or the cinder block. We are very excited to leave that behind us. We have grown found of our neighbors, and will sincerely miss them. We live in a place with lots of kids. When we come home from work there is always someone outside playing. The grills are constantly being used in the summer. If we are carrying groceries there is always someone asking us if we need help. It has been so nice to be surrounded by people in the exact same situation as us. In the past its always been hard to watch others move out, but you knew that were moving on with there lives and we were always slightly jealous. Now its our turn I guess and I find myself wishing that we could just take everyone else with us. I wish that we could have the best of both worlds, but I know we are just moving on to a new adventure and we will meet many new amazing people and make new friends.

Monday, November 12, 2012

So Blessed

So eight things that I am thankful for. Yes its long, with no pictures. Sorry. Here we go.

I'm thankful that Eric got into the MAcc program at the U.

For those of you who don't know. Eric graduates in December with a Bachelors in accounting. We were very blessed to find out 3 fridays ago that he was accepted into the MAcc (masters of accouting). He will start in January. We are so excited for the new adventure and for all the opprutunities this could open for us (okay mostly Eric).

I'm thankful for fasting.

I can't count the times that my/our life has been blessed through fasting. I'm sure that there are time that I was blessed and didn't even know it. I have fasted for many things. For an opprotunity, an answer,  guidance, safety, understanding, and so much more.

I'm thanful for scholarships.

We have been incredibly blessed with scholarships. Not only was Eric's undergrad paid through a scholarshp, but we found out last Tuesday that he recieved a scholarship for his masters. We are so blessed to have this extra help in paying for school.

I'm thankful for my parents.

I have such wonderful parents. They taught me so many life lessons. They knew when to let me suffer through the consequences and become a better person, and they knew when to help me through lifes challenges. They gave me so much. They made me laugh so hard that I would cry, and laugh when I was crying. They are still there to give me advice. I couldn't have asked for better parents. I love them so much, and I am so thankful for everything they did for me.

I'm thankful for Eric's parents.

I saw a necklace on pinterest that was meant for a bride to give to her mother in law. It said "Thank ou for raising the man of my dreams." I know that Eric is the man that he is today because of his parents. I'm also thankful for the way I was welcomed into their family. I am so blessed to feel like I am a part of their family and simply their son's wife.

I'm thankful for warm winter clothing.

Just in case you didn't know I'm the kind of person who is always cold. I can wrap up in a blanket in the middle of summer and absolutely love it. I love that even when I'm walking through snow and ice to get to my classes that I can stay warm.

I'm thankful for our apartment.

When we first walked into our apartment. I was devistated. There is a reason that there aren't any pictures of our apartment on here. The walls are cinderblock, the carpet is hard, thins, and pink, the linolium is grey and orange, and on top of all of that it stuck. At first we talked about how we would immediately look for a new place because this one is just awful.

I'm so happy that we got caught up in school and didn't have time. As we have move our stuff in and taken some time to decorate and personalize we have grown to like our apartment. It feels like home now, and honestly leaving will be bittersweet.

On top of that I have realized just how licky we are to have a place to live. So many people don't have a nice place to live, or there homes have been damaged through unexpected events. I am so happy that I have  nice, warm, safe place to go home to a night

I'm thankful for out ward.

One of the reasons I have grown to love our apartment is our wonderful neighbors. We have made so many great friends in our ward. We truly feel like we belong there.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Giving Thanks Days 3 & 4

Well I already messed up but that's okay I will just do two days again.

I am thankful for the Temple.

Obviously there are many ways that I have been blessed by the temple. I have been endowed and sealed to my husband and family forever. These are such great blessings all by themselves. I couldn't ask for any greater blessing. Despite that I still receive many other blessing form the temple. Whenever I go ,no matter what mood I was in when I went I come out feeling better. I always feel peace, love and comfort when I am there and when I come with questions I always leave with answers.

On the day of the shooting in Colorado I had a feeling of dread all day long. I knew that it was kind of silly but I couldn't help but think about easily our lives can be taken from us. I thought about all those innocent people died. I became scared as I thought about the world my children will have to grow up. My childhood seems so safe and carefree, and I wondered it I would be able to give my children the same thing.

Eric and I went to the temple that same night. I went thinking about the same things but as soon as I walked in I felt comfort. I immediately knew that everything was going to be alright. I knew that Heavenly Fathers plan is perfect. I knew that even though bad things happen there are still good people in the world.

I left the temple feeling happy and comforted, knowing that my Heavenly Father loved me.

I am blessed by an all knowing Heavenly Father.

There have been many times when I have had good goals and for whatever reason my path was turned away for those goals. At first I was always confused looking back and thinking what did I do wrong. Only after I would be able to look back and see that my Heavenly Father did know better than me. I can know see why. I am so happy that I was lead away from those things that I thought were good and lead to those thing that Heavenly Father knew where better.

In high school I had planned to serve a mission. As I neared the age of 21 I began to pray about going on  mission. As I prayed I got the feeling that a mission was not right for me. I was slightly confused but knew that by not going on  mission I was making the right choice. At the time I thought it was because I was suppose to finish school. I decided to continue with school and pray again when I was done. The next semester I met Eric. I now know that I didn't go on a mission because of timing. If I had gone I never would have met Eric.

There are many other times were my Heavenly Father has blessed me through his knowledge. Probably a lot more than I actually know.

I am so grateful for Temple and a loving, all knowing Heavenly Father. Both have blessed me life greatly, probably in more way than I know.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Giving Thanks

I know that for November a lot of people rite something they are thankful for there status everyday. I thought instead of putting it on facebook I would try write a post about something I am thankful for or about a way that I have been blessed. I don't know how well it will work because I'm not the most reliable blogger, but I will give it a shot. Today I will write about two since I didn't do it yesterday.

I am thankful for a husband who know my limits and tells me it is okay.

At our apartment complex the pass around signs that say trick-or-treaters welcome, because we live where there are a lot of international students who may not celebrate or understand Halloween. We of course put up our sign. I was so excited to pass out candy to the adorable kids in our apartment complex. At about  8:30 the trick-or-treaters stopped, but at 9 they started again. These were different though. They weren't cute little kids in absolutely adorable costumes, they were teenagers and adults who kind off, but not really had costumes. I slowly became irritated. I'm blessed with and thankful for a husband who knew me well enough to know it was bugging me, and who let me know that it was okay to take down our sign.

I am thankful for prayer.

I am so thankful that I can prayer to loving Heavenly Father and express every concern or desire I have. I am so happy to know that he know exactly what I mean even when I don't express myself well. I've always had a hard time putting my feelings into words. I'm also grateful my prayers are answered.

When I was nine or ten years old I was driving home with my dad. For whatever reason the gas light didn't come on and we ran out of gas on the freeway at night. We were about 10 miles from home. My dad sat there for a second thinking and then said well I guess we're walking. As we got out of the car I said a silent pray in my heart. I don't remember the exact words, but I know that I prayed that we would get home safely. We hadn't been walking very long when a car pulled over and asked us if that was our truck pulled over. We said yes. They asked us were we going. We told them Layton. They said that they were going there and that they would give us a ride. We gratefully got into there car. After talking for a little while we found out that on of the passengers went to high school with my aunt.

My prayer was answered. Not only did make it home safely, we need to walk, and we were blessed to be picked up by people who we a connection with. When we got home my dad told me to remember to thank Heavenly Father for getting us home safely.

I'm also thankful that through prayer I can let my Heavenly Father know how grateful I am for everything that he does for me.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Beliefs

For a very long time I left uncomfortable posting about my beliefs. I thought that if someone wanted to know that they would just ask. I never wanted to make anyone feel like I was shoving my beliefs in their face. I thought that I could be an example just by living my life the way that I was taught and that everyone would know that I was a good person. Its kind of hard to describe.

I've discovered that, in a way, this kind of thinking was wrong. Just like saying I go to the University of Utah doesn't offend anyone (or shouldn't), saying I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (a Mormon) shouldn't offend anyone either. I still belief that how I live my life can be an example to others and a reflection of my beliefs, but I also think that I shouldn't be afraid to simply say what I believe.

Recently I have felt the need to let everyone I know what I believe in. I know not everyone will agree with my beliefs and that is alright. I hope to do this in a way that is respectful and pray that I won't offend anyone. If I do offend you I am truly sorry.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is the one true church on the earth today. I believe that I was sent here by a loving Heavenly Father to gain a body and to be tested. I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior. He died for me, so that I may become clean and one day return to live with him and my Heavenly Father. I know that Christ not only died for me but for every single person who has lived, is living, and will live. I know that through the atonement I can receive forgiveness form my sins, and comfort in my times of need. I know that because of the atonement Christ knows exactly what I'm going through.

I believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet who received revelation from the Lord. I believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared and talked to Joseph Smith as an answer to his prayer. I believe that he translated the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I believe that Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Christ to the earth. I believe that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. I believe that receives revelation from the Lord. I know that the prophets give us advice, counsel, warnings, and commandments for our day. I know that the teaching the come from the prophets are the teachings of the Lord. I strive to keep the commandments of the Lord as best as I can. I know that I am not perfect, but I do my best to do what I believe is right.

I know that Joseph Smith restored the priesthood to the earth. I know that priesthood is the authority of God on the earth and should be treated with reverence and respect.

I believe that, through the sacred sealing powers of the priesthood, families can be together for eternity. I am grateful that I can live with my family, my husband (and future children) forever. I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.

I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that it is true. I am so excited to for general conference this weekend. I'm excited to hear the words and counsel of the prophets, apostles and general authorities. I know that the words and counsel that they will give are directly from our Heavenly Father.

Friday, August 31, 2012

New TV

When Eric and I were engaged we decided that one of the nicer things that we would buy for ourselves would be a TV. Then his mom gave us an old TV that use to be in Eric's sisters' room. After that we decided that we would wait to buy a TV. After all this one worked just fine and we really didn't need anything more.

This year we decided that we would start saving for and researching TVs and that we would ask Santa to bring us one big present instead of bringing both of us smaller presents. We were really excited about this. Then during the Olympics our TV started to break. It would randomly turn off. Sometimes it would turn right back on with out a problem (this became less likely as time went on), but sometimes you would have to wait FOREVER. Seriously it took almost two hours once.

Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem and we would have just waited Christmas and dealt with, but football season starts on Thur day. I can see it now watching U of U football. The Utes have possession. Its 4th down and goal. There's the snap and then ... the TV turns off and won't turn back on. People in China would be able to hear Eric and I yelling and screaming. Rather than have that happen we decided that it was time, and that we would have to ask Santa for something else. We went to Best Buy...twice.

The first time we went went. We asked a lot of questions got a lot of advice. We payed attention to some, and ignored some (like the all the wonderful they said about 3D TVs). Finally we chose a TV. We told the sale person the one we liked and he went to the back to get it. He came back empty handed. The TV we wanted had been discontinued, but if we wanted we could take the display TV and they would give us deal on it. We weren't really comfortable with that because we had no idea how long the TV had been on display. So we told him our second choice. He went to the back, and came back empty handed AGAIN. This time the TV was out of stock but we could pay there and pick it up at a different store once again we weren't comfortable with that. So we left the store empty handed.

Last Saturday we went back to Best Buy, but we went to a different one. This one had way more choices in the size that we wanted. We asked a few questions, but not many. After a while we found one we liked, and then we discovered, it was ON SALE! We got it, brought it home and set it up.

This is our old TV. Eric decided to name it Dinky after we brought home our TV.

This is the new TV.

When we were in the store it looked smaller than it is. When We got it home it looked was way bigger than it did in the store. That's a plus though. 

We still need to do a few things like buy a blue ray, and some HDMI (I think that is what they are called)cables, but we are so happy with our new TV, and we are excited to watch some football on it.